Mark Geary – AutoCAD Design Specialist and Head Purchasing Agent

Mark Geary – AutoCAD Design Specialist and Head Purchasing Agent

Mark Geary has been an AutoCAD Specialist and Head Purchasing Agent with Northern Electric Inc. for 10 years.  Prior to coming to Northern Electric Inc., Mark worked as a materials specialist for a major electrical materials supplier in Sonoma County and has brought to Northern Electric Inc. the invaluable knowledge that is gained through his prior positions.  In addition to being an electrical materials specialist Mark also brought with him a broad understanding and fluency in AutoCAD design thus making Mark an invaluable asset for Northern Electric Inc.  Not only does Mark handle the everyday material needs of our field electricians, he is also producing finished AutoCAD electrical plans for our customers.  Mark works closely with our project engineers to provide our customers the polished and professional plans and as-builts that they desire.

Graduate, Santa Rosa Junior College AutoCAD design program