Jim Chiappari – Project Engineer and Head Superintendent

Jim Chiappari – Project Engineer and Head Superintendent

Jim Chiappari, Project Engineer and Head Superintendent has been with Northern Electric Inc. for 27 years.  After 12 years in the field, Jim joined the office to become a successful project engineer and a respected superintendent.  As an electrical foreman, Jim handled projects ranging from new and remodeled grocery super stores to wineries and finally ending with the Sonoma County Detention Facility.  His years of experience in the field has allowed him to be a successful project engineer gaining respect from both the field as well as owners, engineers and architects.   Jim has also been sought after to take on design/build projects which he has done professionally and in a timely and efficient matter thus bringing to Northern Electric Inc. another solid niche in which it can successfully participate. 

His most recent projects have been South McDowell Shells in Petaluma, Tellabs, Kendall Jackson Winery Tanks Project, Safeway Fortuna Remodel, St. Anthony’s Buttery Barn , RB Wines, and the Safeway Lakeport remodel.

For reference purposes on Jim’s design /build projects please contact, Danny Garon with Devcon Construction at (707)765-1714, Bryan Wright with Wright Contracting at (707) 528-1172, and Steve Berringer with Sutti and Associates at (650) 343-4244.

Jim has always been and continues to be committed to the employees of Northern Electric and to its customers.

Graduate of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Apprenticeship Training Program
Graduate of Sierra Junior College